Inclusion of the dwell time effect in the LuGre friction model

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title = "Inclusion of the dwell time effect in the LuGre friction model",
abstract = "The Dahl friction model is a simple dynamic model for friction obtained by adding dynamics to the stress strain curve. The model captures many aspects of friction and has been used for simulation for a long time. A drawback with the model is that it does not display the stick-slip effect. The LuGre friction model extends the Dahl model to capture the stick-slip motion but is does not capture the fact that friction increases between two surfaces in contact. In this paper we extend the LuGre model to include the effects of dwell time. The model is verified with experiments.",
keywords = "Friction, LuGre model, Dwell time",
author = "Luca Simoni and Manuel Beschi and Antonio Visioli and {\AA}str{\"o}m, {Karl Johan}",
year = "2020",
month = apr,
doi = "10.1016/j.mechatronics.2020.102345",
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