Inheritance of a hair character in Helianthemum oelandicum var. canescens and allele frequencies in natural populations

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Helianthemum oelandicum var. canescens (Hartm.) Fr. is an endemic taxon with a restricted distribution (less than 10 km2) in the southernmost part of the Baltic island of Öland, SE, Sweden. The taxon varies with respect to stellate hairs. Most plants can be classified into two morphs, the stellated morph (with a dense carpet of stellate hairs on the abaxial surface of the leaves) and the bristled morph (without a carpet of stellate hairs). In crosses between plants assumed to be homozygous for the trait that characterises the phenotypes of the two morphs, F1 offspring was indistinguishable from the bristled morph. Segregation in F2 did not deviate from the expected 3:1 ratio (bristled morph/stellated morph), indicating one major gene with a dominant allele for the phenotype of the bristled morph and a recessive allele for the phenotype of the stellated morph. Besides the Mendelian inheritance of the presence/absence of a whitish cover of stellate hairs, the density of hairs appeared to be further modified by quantitative genes. The frequency of the recessive allele for the phenotype of the stellated morph varied among populations and showed a geographical structure. Possible mechanisms behind the spatial variation in indumentum are discussed.


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Sidor (från-till)145-161
TidskriftPlant Systematics and Evolution
Tidigt onlinedatum2017 sep 25
StatusPublished - 2018 feb
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