Introduction in the Study of Romanian Language: A textbook for foreign students

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Every of the seven chapters of the course aims at introducing the students to the basics of Romanian language in the larger context of the Romanian culture and civilization development, with the ultimate purpose of settling both a few essential theoretical knowledge and some practical communication skills for the foreign students as inhabitants of Romania. The compulsory tasks at the end of each chapter act as a summing up of the main knowledge of the course and as application for probable written and oral events of daily life. In the end, the course is planned as a helping tool, balanced in between the academic linguistic rigor and the day-to-day necessities of language and culture. The content of the course is a timely and requisite report for a foreign student who does not speak Romanian and is not aware of the various circumstances and contexts for the expression of Romanian language. It is more than welcome the tackling of a several fundamental matters of Romanian language in an interdisciplinary approach, explaining the function of Romanian culture and civilization in shaping the Romanian language. The course maps out certain tasks for the student aiming at the summing up of the main theoretical knowledge exposed in the course, interpolated with practical tasks where the students are requested to solve translation and composition exercises, making use of customary words. The final chapter (Romanian language today) presents the Romanian language in synchrony. It explores essential issues, such as: the double state of Romanian (Romance and Balkan), the individuality of Romanian within Romance context and Balkan language area, and an etymological analysis of Romanian vocabulary. The comments take into account particularly the vocabulary. Not only because it is highly illustrative in itself, but also as it is the easiest to comprehend by first-level foreign students learning the Romanian language. Each chapter comprises a theoretical explanation, amply exemplified with adequate samples and is followed by a practical section – individual tasks, compulsory or optional, with structural and self-evaluating object.


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  • 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia

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StatusPublished - 2018
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Lucian Vasile Bâgiu & Paraschiva Bâgiu, 2018 maj 15, I: Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies . 1, 1, s. 169-178 10 s.

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Lucian Vasile Bagiu, 2018, Alba Iulia: Editura Aeternitas, Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918" Alba Iulia. 205 s.

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