Knowing the Sustainable Fishery

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title = "Knowing the Sustainable Fishery",
abstract = "The aim of this article is to problematize tourism enterprising fishermen ́s understanding of nature. From a discourse-theoretic outlook, I explore how fishermen “know” nature. Here, “knowing nature” is a positioning practice which means that views of nature are uttered and negotiated by people in relation to another person or a group of people. The empirical material that is analyzed was created for a coming dissertation exploring how a traditional industry like fisheries is formed and negotiated in the service-oriented economy. The ethnographic material consists of interviews, observations and textmaterial and was collected in tourism enterprising fisheries along the west coast of Sweden, between 2011-2016.First, the tourism enterprising fishermen ́s knowledge of nature is formed with reference to fisheries authorities. The management of fisheries is decentralized as the idea of governance is spreading in EU. Governance creates challenges while the actors have to negotiate different knowledges of nature where sustainability is a term open to interpretations and is being understood from different vantage points.Second, knowledge concerning nature is formed and negotiated in fishermen ́ relationships to visiting consumers. The tourism enterprising fishermen present their knowledge of nature as “authentic” and appreciated by visitors, who are described as ignorant.Third, the fishermen ́s talk about nature focus on ecological sustainability and moral aspects. The fishermen do an active repositioning from rejecting being depletioning actors, to positioning themselves as market aware, ecologically skilled, informative and responsible fishermen.",
keywords = "fisheries, sustainability, nature, knowledge",
author = "Malin Andersson",
year = "2018",
month = "6",
day = "13",
language = "svenska",
pages = "83",
note = "The 34th Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference ; Conference date: 12-06-2018 Through 15-06-2018",