Ländryggsröntgen ger falsk säkerhet och ringa nytta för patienten: MRT och DT ger bättre och billigare resultat

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title = "L{\"a}ndryggsr{\"o}ntgen ger falsk s{\"a}kerhet och ringa nytta f{\"o}r patienten: MRT och DT ger b{\"a}ttre och billigare resultat",
abstract = "In 2016 140 000 lumbar spine radiographies were performed in Sweden (14 000 per million inhabitants) to a cost of about 85 million SEK (≈8.5 million Euro) and a negligible value for the patients with low back pain. In the work-up of low back pain, when imaging is indicated, lumbar spine radiography should be replaced by limited magnetic resonance imaging including a whole lower body coronal STIR sequence or computed tomography with radiation dose adapted to indication and patient age. Indication for imaging should be restricted to 1) low back pain with more than 3-4 weeks duration in combination with at least one »red flag«, 2) radicular pain without improvement on conservative treatment, or 3) low back pain with more than 8 weeks duration in combination with »yellow flags«.",
author = "M{\aa}rten Annertz and {\AA}ke Andr{\'e}n-Sandberg and Peter Aspelin and Thomas Frid{\'e}n and Mats Geijer and Ulf Nyman",
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