Luminescence properties of the Cu4I62- cluster

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Two new solvates were prepared in the system Cu(I) I using a solvolysis reaction. The structures for both of them were solved by X-ray crystallography, showing that they constitute two modifications of the same compound with the net formula [Cu4I6](P(C6H5)(4))(2)center dot 2OC(CH3)(2). Both types of crystals show vivid fluorescence when exposed to UV light. The formation of the first modification (I) seems to be preferred by kinetics and on ageing in the mother liquor it converts to modification (II). The Cu positions in (I) are disordered while those in (II) are fully ordered. The luminescent properties of both crystals were characterized using a confocal microscope and an excitation wavelength of 405 nm, resulting in fluorescence spectra with the intensities of 1.22 and 0.52 relative to the reference (fluorescein 10 mu M). Density functional theory calculations on the ordered Cu4I62- core of modification (II) show that the de-excitation from LUMO to HOMO is responsible for the luminescence. The calculated emission spectrum has a maximum at 531 nm in good agreement with the results from confocal microscopy.


  • Ehsan Jalilian
  • Rong-Zhen Liao
  • Fahmi Himo
  • Hjalmar Brismar
  • Fredrik Laurell
  • Sven Lidin
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  • Kemi
Sidor (från-till)4729-4734
Utgåva nummer14
StatusPublished - 2011
Peer review utfördJa