Measurement of charged particle spectra in deep-inelastic ep scattering at HERA

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title = "Measurement of charged particle spectra in deep-inelastic ep scattering at HERA",
abstract = "Charged particle production in deep-inelastic ep scattering is measured with the H1 detector at HERA. The kinematic range of the analysis covers low photon virtualities, 5 < Q(2) < 100 GeV2, and small values of Bjorken-x, 10(-4) < x < 10(-2). The analysis is performed in the hadronic centre-of-mass system. The charged particle densities are measured as a function of pseudorapidity (n(*)) and transverse momentum (p(T)(*)) in the range 0 < n(*) < 5 and 0 < p(T)(*) < 10 GeV in bins of x and Q(2). The data are compared to predictions from different Monte Carlo generators implementing various options for hadronisation and parton evolutions.",
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