Measurements of B →j /ψ at forward rapidity in p+p collisions at s =510 GeV

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title = "Measurements of B →j /ψ at forward rapidity in p+p collisions at s =510 GeV",
abstract = "We report the first measurement of the fraction of J/ψ mesons coming from B-meson decay (FB→J/ψ) in p+p collisions at s=510 GeV. The measurement is performed using the forward silicon vertex detector and central vertex detector at PHENIX, which provide precise tracking and distance-of-closest-approach determinations, enabling the statistical separation of J/ψ due to B-meson decays from prompt J/ψ. The measured value of FB→J/ψ is 8.1{\%}±2.3{\%}(stat)±1.9{\%}(syst) for J/ψ with transverse momenta 0",
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