Membaca sastra dalam kotak-kotak ingatan bentukan

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title = "Membaca sastra dalam kotak-kotak ingatan bentukan",
abstract = "When literature, conflict and memory are linkaged one to another. This is the main intention that this article brings about into the centre of discussion. Written in a form of personal reflection, then followed by a deeper discussion on the main topic, I address the notion of so-called constructed memory in the context of understanding the Indonesian literature as the impact of the 1965 conflict occurred in the country. This conflict is regarded as the most turbulent time - and unresolved tragedy - in the history of modern Indonesia. For me who was even born long after 1965, the impact of this 1950's-1965's dichotomous tension, including in literature, i.e. between the social realism tendency (perceived as communist-related works) and the humanism aesthetics (interpreted as the contra-communist side) is still manifested in the decades afterward up until now. Reading literature, then, is no longer a personal and free-from-tension activity due to the structured and cultured memories of which largely institutionalised through Indonesian mass media, military propaganda, educational system, social relations, literature groups and discourses, and any other societal fields after the military-led administration, New Order, began in ruling the country after this conflict. In this article I challenge this way of constructed memories, by suggesting to openly elaborate the tension between 'remembering' and 'forgetting' of any related topics in public debates. In order to gain a broader readership, this article is intentionally published in {"}Ingat65{"} (literally means {"}Remembering the 1965{"}), one of the digital storytelling platforms that focuses on recalling, recognising and rearticulating personal-yet-collective memories of Indonesian younger generation who apparently cannot avoid either the traumatic, hegemonic, or neglected experiences and ideas as the impact of the 1965 conflict.",
keywords = "literature, Indonesian literature, Indonesia, conflict, memory, memory studies, history, Indonesian history",
author = "Zaki Habibi",
year = "2017",
month = apr,
day = "13",
language = "annat",
publisher = "Ingat65",
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