Mental Causation and Ontology

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title = "Mental Causation and Ontology",
abstract = "This book demonstrates the importance of ontology for a central debate in philosophy of mind. Mental causation seems an obvious aspect of the world. But it is hard to understand how it can happen unless we get clear about what the entities involved in the process are. An international team of contributors presents new work on this problem. In particular, they examine the nature of causes and effects, the nature of properties, and the nature of the causal relation.",
keywords = "Mental Causation, Agency, Metaphysics, Ontology, Properties, Non-reductive Physicalism, Exclusion Problem",
editor = "Sophie Gibb and Lowe, {E. J.} and R{\"o}gnvaldur Ingthorsson",
year = "2013",
language = "English",
isbn = "978-0-19-960377-0",
publisher = "Oxford University Press",
address = "United Kingdom",