Microbial community structure of vineyard soils with different pH and copper content

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title = "Microbial community structure of vineyard soils with different pH and copper content",
abstract = "The phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) pattern of vineyard soils from the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula was studied to identify soil factors determining the microbial community structure, with special emphasis on effects of Cu pollution and pH. A wide range of soil samples, collected from six winegrowing regions (Rias Baixas, Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, Valdeorras and Vinhos Verdes) was analyzed. Physicochemical properties, including total Cu content, five different Cu fractions and available Cu, were also determined. Total Cu varied between 33 and 1120 mg kg(-1) and pH(water) between 4.3 and 7.3. Soil pH rather than Cu content was most important in determining the composition of the microbial community. An increase in the relative concentrations of the monounsaturated PLFAs 16:1 omega 5, 16:1 omega 7c, 17:1 omega 8 and 18:1 omega 7 and a decrease of br18:0. i17:0, 17:0 and cy19:0 was correlated to an increase in pH. A significant effect of Cu was also found, with an increase in the branched fatty acids 10Me17:0, i16:0, 10Me18:0, a17:0 and br17:0 as consequence of Cu pollution. This change in the PLFA pattern was correlated to both the total and available fractions of Cu. Although the PLFA pattern was a useful tool to assess factors affecting the microbial composition, it is difficult to differentiate between these factors. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.",
keywords = "Soil pH, PLFA analysis, Cu content, Vineyards",
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year = "2010",
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