Modeling and Optimization with Modelica and Optimica Using the Open Source Platform

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title = "Modeling and Optimization with Modelica and Optimica Using the Open Source Platform",
abstract = "This paper reports a new Modelica-based open source project entitled, targeted towards dynamic optimization. The objective of the project is to bridge the gap between the need for high-level description languages and the details of numerical optimization algorithms. is also intended as an extensible platform where algorithm developers, particularly in the academic community, may integrate new and innovative methods. In doing so, researchers gain access to a wealth of industrially relevant optimization problems based on existing Modelica models, while at the same time facilitating industrial use of state of the art algorithms. In this contribution, an overview of the platform is presented and an example is used to illustrate how can be used to formulate and solve optimization problems based on Modelica models.",
keywords = "Optimization, Modelica, Optimica, Model Predictive Control",
author = "Johan {\AA}kesson and Tove Bergdahl and Magnus G{\"a}fvert and Hubertus Tummescheit",
year = "2009",
language = "English",
note = "7th International Modelica Conference, 2009 ; Conference date: 20-09-2009 Through 22-09-2009",