Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Model Predictive Control of a Diesel Engine

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title = "Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Model Predictive Control of a Diesel Engine",
abstract = "Traditionally, diesel engine control has had to rely on indirect feedback variables and empirical open-loop maps because direct measurements of the variables representing highlevel objectives, such as emissions, have not been available in production engines. With new sensors being developed, the opportunity opens to design the controller directly based on highlevel objectives. In this paper, we propose to use model predictive control as a systematic way to go directly from high-level specifications to a control algorithm. The controller uses four actuator variables and five measured variables and is based on a model obtained through system identification. Experimental results on a six-cylinder heavy-duty engine around a fixed operating point demonstrate the potential of the control scheme.",
keywords = "MPC, MIMO, Diesel Engine",
author = "Maria Henningsson and Kent Ekholm and Petter Strandh and Rolf Johansson",
year = "2010",
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