Naturalism, Truthmaker Internalism and Representational Content

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title = "Naturalism, Truthmaker Internalism and Representational Content",
abstract = "The paper is an attempt to bring doubt to the claim that truthmaking is an internal relation holding between a truthmaker and bearer of truth. Depending on whether an internal relation is taken to be necessitated by the existence of its terms or supervenient on the intrinsic properties of its relata, truthmaker internalism involves commitment to one of two views: either truthbearers have their contents essentially or they have them intrinsically. Both these views are addressed and argued against from a naturalist point of view.",
author = "Robin Stenwall",
year = "2008",
language = "English",
note = "Themes in the Metaphysics of David Armstrong ; Conference date: 16-02-2008 Through 17-02-2008",