Negotiating Religious Traditions: Babu wa Loliondo’s Theology of Healing

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title = "Negotiating Religious Traditions: Babu wa Loliondo’s Theology of Healing",
abstract = "Retired Lutheran pastor Ambilikile Mwasapila became the most celebrated healer in Eastern Africa for half a year in 2011. His healing consists of an herbal potion, brewed according to the recipe he got from God in dreams. According to Rev. Mwasapila, the potency of the medicine stems from the presence of the Word of God in it. It is efficient only when administered by him. He perceives himself as a prophet called by God to alleviate sufferings of humankind in a world pestered by illnesses sent by Satan. His theology of healing has clear Lutheran sacramental theological elements combined with views from African traditional medicine and Christian charismatic faith healing. His cosmology is deeply rooted in African views of the spirit world interpreted through Pentecostal-charismatic demonology. The ideas underlying his ministry can be seen as an oral charismatic Lutheran contextual theology lived out in practice.",
keywords = "pluralistic medicine, Contextual theology, charismatic Christianity",
author = "Mika V{\"a}h{\"a}kangas",
year = "2016",
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