New U–Pb geochronologic and palaeomagnetic constraints on the late Palaeoproterozoic Hartley magmatic event: evidence for a potential large igneous province in the Kaapvaal Craton during Kalahari assembly, South Africa

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The volcanic Hartley Formation (part of the Olifantshoek Supergroup, which is dominated by red bed successions) in South Africa recorded depositional and tectonic conditions along the western Kaapvaal Craton during the late Palaeoproterozoic. It formed in association with red bed deposition elsewhere in the cratonic hinterland and along the craton’s northern margin. However, the exact correlation of the Olifantshoek Supergroup with these other red-bed successions is hindered by poor geochronological constraints. Herein, we refine the age and palaeopole of the Hartley Formation, and provide geochronological constraints for large-scale 1.93–1.91 Ga bimodal magmatism on the Kaapvaal Craton (herein named the Hartley large igneous province). We present new age constraints for the mafic and felsic phases of this event at 1923 ± 6 Ma and 1920 ± 4 Ma, respectively, which includes the first reported age dating of the Tsineng Dyke Swarm that has been linked to Hartley volcanism. A mean 1.93–1.91 Ga palaeomagnetic pole for the Hartley large igneous province at 22.7°N, 328.6°E with A95 = 11.7° represents a significant improvement on a previously published virtual geomagnetic pole. This improved pole is used to refine the late Palaeoproterozoic apparent polar wander path of the Kaapvaal Craton. This can assist in correlation of red-bed successions in southern Africa.


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  • University of Johannesburg
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  • Australian National University

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StatusPublished - 2016 jan 2
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Ashley Gumsley, 2017 sep, (Submitted) Lund: Lund University, Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, Lithosphere and Biosphere Science. 130 s.

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