NG2 cells, a new trail for Alzheimer's disease mechanisms?

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title = "NG2 cells, a new trail for Alzheimer's disease mechanisms?",
abstract = "Neuron Glial 2 (NG2) cells are glial cells known to serve as oligodendrocyte progenitors as well as modulators of the neuronal network. Altered NG2 cell morphology and up-regulation as well as increased shedding of the proteoglycan NG2 expressed on the cell surface have been described in rodent models of brain injury. Here we describe alterations in the human NG2 cell population in response to pathological changes characteristic of Alzheimer's disease (AD).",
author = "Henrietta Nielsen and Danyal Ek and Una Avdic and Camilla Orbj{\"o}rn and Oskar Hansson and Robert Veerhuis and Rozemuller, {Annemieke Jm} and Arne Brun and Lennart Minthon and Malin Wennstr{\"o}m",
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