Nongoa da Kirmen Uribe? On the Belonging of a Basque-Language Writer

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title = "Nongoa da Kirmen Uribe?: On the Belonging of a Basque-Language Writer",
abstract = "My article studies the place of Kirmen Uribe, one of the most read and celebrated Basque-language writers today, in relation to Basque, Spanish and world literature, and what his novels have to say about belonging, in the Basque Country and beyond. My starting point is the first sentence of the Wikipedia pages (2017) on Kirmen Uribe in five different languages, which all relate to Uribe{\textquoteright}s belonging in separate ways. Since Uribe is a writer who often reflects on belonging and the place of the Basque Country in the larger world, I also contrast his novels, Bilbao–New York–Bilbao (2009) and Elkarrekin esnatzeko ordua (2016) with the dynamics of publication, reception and location. One of the conclusions is that Uribe, as an ambassador for Basque language and culture, often addresses the non-Basque reader.",
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