Novel insights into the regulation of coagulation by factor V isoforms, tissue factor pathway inhibitorα, and protein S

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Factor V (FV) is a regulator of both pro- and anticoagulant pathways. It circulates as a single-chain procofactor, which is activated by thrombin or FXa to FVa that serves as cofactor for FXa in prothrombin activation. The cofactor function of FVa is regulated by activated protein C (APC) and protein S. FV can also function as an anticoagulant APC cofactor in the inhibition of FVIIIa in the membrane-bound tenase complex (FIXa/FVIIIa). In recent years, it has become clear that FV also functions in multiple ways in the tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) anticoagulant pathway. Of particular importance is a FV splice variant (FV-Short) that serves as a carrier and cofactor to TFPIα in the inhibition of FXa. FV-Short is generated through alternative splicing of exon 13 that encodes the large activation B domain. A highly negatively charged binding site for TFPIα is exposed in the C-terminus of the FV-Short B domain, which binds the positively charged C-terminus of TFPIα, thus keeping TFPIα in circulation. The binding of TFPIα to FV-Short is also instrumental in localizing the inhibitor to the surface of negatively charged phospholipids, where TFPIα inhibits FXa in process that is stimulated by protein S. Plasma FV activation intermediates and partially proteolyzed platelet FV similarly bind TFPIα with high affinity and regulate formation of prothrombinase. The novel insights gained into the interaction between FV isoforms, TFPIα, and protein S have opened a new avenue for research about the mechanisms of coagulation regulation and also for future development of therapeutics aimed at modulating coagulation.


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TidskriftJournal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
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StatusPublished - 2017 jul 1
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