Nyfynd av Heppia lutosa på Öland.

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title = "Nyfynd av Heppia lutosa p{\aa} {\"O}land.",
abstract = "A new find of the rare and red-listed lichen Heppia lutosa was made near Tornr{\"o}r on the NE part of the Great Alvar during a lichenological excursion to {\"O}land in april 2001. A few weeks later, another find was made on the NW part of the Great Alvar near Lilla Vickleby. Only one other recent find has been made of this species, which in Sweden is only known from the Baltic islands of {\"O}land and Gotland. The species is apparently an ephemeral pioneer, which occurs in small populations on thin, bare soil in alvar vegetation.",
author = "Martin Westberg and Lars Fr{\"o}berg",
year = "2004",
language = "English",
volume = "15",
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