Om konstkritik. Studier av konstkritik i svensk dagspress 1990-2000

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The book is a part of the result of a project, funded by HSFR (The Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences). In general it comprises the art criticism in the Swedish daily press from 1990-2000. The studies have a common focus on the text of the art criticism, in contrast to older research on art criticism, which uses the text primarily as a source of knowledge about the works of art, their originators and the process of their reception by the art world.
Martin Biehl's study is a survey of art criticism by means of a questionnaire involving 112 Swedish art critics, all of whom were active in 1999. The questionnaire covers the critics' education, their working conditions and their views of their work.
Jan-Gunnar Sjölin's study deals with the response of 20 critics to the exhibition "Painting – the Extended Field" 1996-1997. The study concentrates primarily on the way the critics describe, contextualise, interpret and value the works that lie outside the traditional sphere of painting.
Kicki Sjögren's study deals with the press debate after Gerhard Richter's exhibition in Stockholm in 1994. Among other things the study applies the concepts of rhetoric to the discourse of art history.
Martin Sundberg studies texts by a single critic, Jan Håfström, well-known as an artist. His investigation focuses on Håfström's many references to figures in cultural history, but, in doing this, it throws light on further aspects of critical activity.
The subject of Stina Barchan's study also is an artist as critic, Ola Billgren. The focus here is on his photographic criticism, in which he gives special attention to its theoretical scope of ideas.
Like Barchan's study, Anna Ingemark's survey concerns the criticism of a special genre of visual creativity. In this case it is a matter of the debate concerning the building for the new Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. At the same time the study illustrates the special conditions applying to architectural criticism.
The third study that concentrates on the criticism of a special art form is the survey by Ludwig Qvarnström. This deals with the press coverage of the Wanås exhibitions over a period of twelve years. These exhibitions have an exceptional position in the project in that they are recurrent and also that they show in the open air installations and sculptures that are created for a certain environment.
Qvarnström's study, like Sundberg's, focuses on the actual text of the art criticism and the way in which it expresses its opinions. The same applies to Helena Cybinski's study of how the press treated Cindy Sherman, in connection with her exhibition in Malmö in 1995. This study scrutinizes the art criticism with regard to its more or less evident gender aspect.
At the same time as all these studies focus on the art-critical text the studies represent the whole range of approach; from those that make a thorough examination of the actual text, to those that are meaningless without reference to the object of the art criticism, the work of art.


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