On the interpretation of gerundival null subjects and the theory of control

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title = "On the interpretation of gerundival null subjects and the theory of control",
abstract = "It is generally known that gerunds can have a null subject (NS) that takes the preceding clause as its antecedent. Given certain restrictions independently argued for in the literature, the NS in question cannot be pro, neither can it be maintained that such gerunds have the status of relative clauses. Therefore, the subject in question must be analysed as PRO, which entails that the theoretical status of such a category must be recognized in a theory of syntax. Regardless of whether the case of Clausal Control is to be understood as Non Obligatory Control or Obligatory Control, the data present a serious problem for Hornstein{\textquoteright}s (1999) reductionist approach to Control and subsequent work in the same spirit. If the phenomenon of Clausal Control is an instance of Obligatory Control, an analysis formulated in terms of A-binding is a feasible alternative as discussed here.",
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