One- and two-dimensional tikhonov-regularized tomography for axisymmetric flames

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title = "One- and two-dimensional tikhonov-regularized tomography for axisymmetric flames",
abstract = "Experiments relying on tomographic reconstruction of soot emission and absorption offer relatively simple and inexpensive ways to image both soot concentration and temperature in axisymmetric flames. Because the tomography problem is mathematically ill-posed, however, special measures have to be taken to ensure an accurate solution. This paper describes the application of one such measure, Tikhonov regularization. Its performance is evaluated for a one-dimensional test problem, at different flame heights, resolutions, and noise levels. Finally, Tikhonov regularization for the two-dimensional problem is formulated and discussed.",
keywords = "Tikhonov regularization, Soot concentration, Axisymmetric flames, Soot emission",
author = "{\AA}kesson, {Emil O} and K.J. Daun",
year = "2007",
language = "English",
volume = "3",
publisher = "American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics",
pages = "2030--2046",
booktitle = "Collection of Technical Papers - 37th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference",