Organ bath in detecting the effect of one-hour warm ischemia on pulmonic arteries and bronchi from non-heart-beating donor lungs

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Background Non-heart-beating donor lung has been a promising source of lung transplantation. Many studies on non-heart-beating donor lungs are based on animal lung transplantation. In this study, we assessed by organ bath the effect of one-hour warm ischemia on the non-heart-beating donor lung in terms of the integrity of contractile and relaxant functions and tissue structures of pulmonic arteries and bronchi. Methods Sixteen Swedish pigs were randomly classified into two groups: heart-beating donor group and 1-hour warm ischemia non-heart-beating donor group. Pulmonic and bronchial rings were taken from the isolated left lungs of the pigs. The pulmonic rings were stimulated by U-46619 (5.7 mol/L) and acetylcholine (10(-4) mmol/L) to assess the contractile abilities of smooth muscle and the endothelium-dependent relaxation response, respectively. As such, acetylcholine (10(-5) mmol/L) and natrium arachidonic acid (0.01%) were used to detect the contraction of bronchial smooth muscle and epithelium-dependent relaxation response. Meanwhile, the variances of precontraction tension of control groups were recorded to measure whether there was spontaneous relaxation during endothelium/epithelium-dependent relaxation course. Finally, papaverine solution (10(-4) mmol/L) was used to detect the non-endothelium/epithelium-dependent relaxant abilities of pulmonic and bronchial smooth muscles. Results There was no significant difference in the tension values of precontraction of pulmonic rings (P >0.05), endothelium-dependent relaxation (P >0.05), precontraction of bronchial rings (P >0.05) and epithelium-dependent relaxation (P >0.05) between the heart-beating donor group and the 1-hour warm ischemia non-heart-beating donor group. And the pulmonic and bronchial rings of each subgroup B had no spontaneous relaxation. Finally, papaverine solution relaxed the smooth muscle of all the rings completely. Conclusions The results of this experiment suggest that the contractile and relaxant functions and tissue structures of pulmonic arteries and bronchi are not damaged after warm ischemia for 1 hour, and support the further study of ;non-heart-beating donor lung.


  • Song Zhao
  • Jia-xiang Wang
  • Zhan-feng Yang
  • Zhan-feng He
  • Qiuming Liao
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Sidor (från-till)2903-2906
TidskriftChinese Medical Journal
Utgåva nummer23
StatusPublished - 2009
Peer review utfördJa