Pallas Nordica: Drottning Kristinas minervamedaljer

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The aim of the essay is to present medals which depict queen Kristina as the goddess Minerva. The motifs on the medals are inspired from ancient mythology and other ancient sources. In the 17th century medals were mainly used for promoting the queen. In the years 1645-1650 queen Kristina started to represent herself with the goddess Minerva’s attributes. Her intent was to spread the idea of the wise queen, a personification of the mythological Minerva. The use of medals to broadcast this kind of messages was common in the baroque period in Europe. Kristina needed a strong signature to legitimate her position as a female king and later, after her abdication, as a queen without land. The goddess Minerva turned out to be the ideal symbol for Kristina’s reign; Minerva was on one hand wise and just and on the other hand the goddess of war. The goddess stood for everything the queen wished her people to associate with her. At last the queens embodying of the ancient goddess became her trademark.


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  • drottning Kristina, medaljer, Minverva
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