Perception of Control Over Eating After Bariatric Surgery for Super-Obesity-a 2-Year Follow-Up Study

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title = "Perception of Control Over Eating After Bariatric Surgery for Super-Obesity-a 2-Year Follow-Up Study",
abstract = "Physiological and psychosocial factors might contribute to differences in weight loss, eating behaviour and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) after bariatric surgery. The aim of this study was to investigate how perceived control over eating changes after bariatric surgery and whether it affects outcome in super-obese patients. In a retrospective analysis of a prospective study (n = 60), 49 patients were divided into two groups based on eating control 2 years after surgery, as assessed by the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-R21 (TFEQ-R21): 29 with good eating control (GC) and 20 patients with poor eating control (group PC). Eating behaviour and generic and condition-specific HRQoL was assessed by questionnaires. There were significant differences in all TFEQ-R21 domains 2 years after surgery in favour of group GC; uncontrolled eating p < 0.001, emotional eating p < 0.001 and for cognitive restraint p = 0.04. The improvement in HRQoL 2 years after surgery was significantly less in group PC compared to group GC in 7 of 8 SF-36 domains (p < 0.05). Mean (SD) percentage of excess body mass index lost was similar between groups, 71.2 (17.8) in group GC versus 65.4 (17.4) in group PC 2 years after surgery (p = 0.27). However, group GC had a significant weight loss between first and second year after surgery (p < 0.001) compared to group PC (p = 0.15). In super-obese patients, perceived poor control over eating 2 years after bariatric surgery was associated with lower HRQoL and more emotional and cognitive restraint eating, than good control overeating.",
keywords = "Bariatric surgery, Super-obesity, Uncontrolled eating, Loss of control, Treatment outcome",
author = "My Engstrom and Anna Forsberg and Sovik, {Torgeir T.} and Torsten Olbers and Hans Lonroth and Jan Karlsson",
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