Psychosocial health and levels of employment in 851 hypopituitary Swedish patients on long-term GH therapy.

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title = "Psychosocial health and levels of employment in 851 hypopituitary Swedish patients on long-term GH therapy.",
abstract = "CONTEXT: The psychosocial health and working capacity in hypopituitary patients receiving long-term growth hormone (GH) therapy are unknown. OBJECTIVE: Psychosocial health and levels of employment were compared between GH deficient (GHD) patients on long-term replacement and the general population. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS: In a Swedish nationwide study, 851 GHD patients [101 childhood onset (CO) and 750 adult onset (AO)] and 2622 population controls answered a questionnaire regarding current living, employment and educational level, alcohol consumption and smoking habits. The median time on GH therapy for both men and women with CO GHD was 9 years and for AO GHD 6 years, respectively. RESULTS: As compared to the controls, the GHD patients were less often working full time, more often on sick leave/disability pension, and to a larger extent alcohol abstainers and never smokers (all; P<0.05). Predominantly CO GHD women and men, but to some extent also AO GHD women and men, lived less frequently with a partner and more often with their parents. Particularly AO GHD craniopharyngioma women used more antidepressants, while AO GHD men with a craniopharyngioma used more analgesics. CONCLUSIONS: A working capacity to the level of the general population was not achieved among hypopituitary patients, although receiving long-term GH therapy. Patients were less likely to use alcohol and tobacco. The CO GHD population lived a less independent life.",
author = "Helene Holmer and Johan Svensson and Lars Rylander and Gudmundur Johannsson and Thord Ros{\'e}n and Bengtsson, {Bengt A} and Marja Thor{\'e}n and Charlotte H{\"o}ybye and Marie Degerblad and Margareta Bramnert and Erik H{\"a}gg and Engstr{\"o}m, {Britt Ed{\'e}n} and Bertil Ekman and Erfurth, {Eva Marie}",
note = "The information about affiliations in this record was updated in December 2015. The record was previously connected to the following departments: Pediatrics/Urology/Gynecology/Endocrinology (013240400), Department of Electroscience (011041000), Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (013078001), Medicine (Lund) (013230025), Paediatric Endocrinology Research Group (013243010)",
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