Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe

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title = "Refugees and the violence of welfare bureaucracies in Northern Europe",
abstract = "As groups of forcibly displaced people have moved to the spotlight of public debate in Europe, they are also being targeted by multiple welfare state interventions in many countries. This book analyses the tensions that emerge within strong welfare states when faced with large migration flows. It also interrogates the phenomenon of the 2015 'refugee crisis' and its foreplay and aftermath in the context of Northern Europe and challenges the notion of crisis as a feature of contemporary realities. With an eye to the daily strategies and experiences of newly settled populations, the different chapters tackle the roles of actors such as state agencies, civil society organizations, media discourses or welfare policies in shaping those experiences. Contributions are included from several academic disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, political science and cultural studies.",
author = "Dalia Abdelhady and Nina Gren and Martin Joormann",
year = "2020",
month = "3",
day = "25",
language = "English",
publisher = "Manchester University Press",
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