RIFM fragrance ingredient safety assessment, allyl (cyclohexyloxy)acetate, CAS registry number 68901-15-5.

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title = "RIFM fragrance ingredient safety assessment, allyl (cyclohexyloxy)acetate, CAS registry number 68901-15-5.",
abstract = "The use of this material under current use conditions is supported by the existing information. This material was evaluated for Genotoxicity, Repeated Dose Toxicity, Developmental Toxicity, Reproductive Toxicity, Local Respiratory Toxicity, Phototoxicity, Skin Sensitization potential as well as Environmental assessment. Repeated dose toxicity was determined to have the most conservative systemic exposure derived NO[A]EL of 7.5 mg/kg/day, based on a gavage reproduction dosage-range finding study conducted in rats on a read across analog, that resulted in a MOE of 441 considering 100{\%} absorption from skin contact and inhalation. A MOE of >100 is deemed acceptable.",
author = "Api, {A M} and D Belsito and S Bhatia and Magnus Bruze and P Calow and Dagli, {M L} and W Dekant and Fryer, {A D} and L Kromidas and Cava, {S LA} and Lalko, {J F} and A Lapczynski and Liebler, {D C} and Y Miyachi and Politano, {V T} and G Ritacco and D Salvito and J Shen and Schultz, {T W} and Sipes, {I G} and B Wall and Wilcox, {D K}",
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