Risk and gain sharing challenges in interorganisational implementation of RFID technology

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title = "Risk and gain sharing challenges in interorganisational implementation of RFID technology",
abstract = "Purpose of this paper: This paper proposes a framework for identifying potential risk and gain sharing challenges related to implementing collaborative change initiatives in supply chains, and uses the framework to explore risk and gain sharing in implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Design/methodology/approach: The empirical investigation, based on case study research, involves three companies jointly implementing an RFID system. The framework is based on a review of prior research. Findings: Implementing collaborative change initiatives in supply chains involves the sharing of technology, information and financial resources. The proposed framework provides a structured approach in order to identify and categorise potential risk and gain sharing challenges in implementing RFID technology. The empirical study shows that risk and gain sharing is critical to implementing RFID technology across organisations, and illustrates key issues and how these issues can be managed by organisations. Research limitations/implications: The research is qualitative, descriptive and explorative. The case study and context in which the framework is used need to be considered when generalising upon the findings. It is hoped future research could further develop the framework, both through conceptual critiques and through testing it against implementation practice. Practical implications: Interorganisational implementation of information and communication technology presents various challenges. This research addresses the challenge of risk and gain sharing, providing managers with experiences and insights into issues which need potentially to be considered. What is original/value of paper: The paper provides a synthesis of potential risk and gain sharing challenges and contributes particularly to research on RFID implementation but also more broadly to supply chain management research.",
keywords = "Risk and gain sharing, Implementation, Collaborative initiatives, RFID, Automotive industry, Packaging logistics",
author = "Daniel Hellstr{\"o}m and Carina Johnsson and Andreas Norrman",
year = "2009",
language = "English",
note = "21th Annual NOFOMA Conference, 2009 ; Conference date: 11-06-2009 Through 12-06-2009",