Scolecodonts from the Upper Danian (Paleocene) of Skane, Sweden

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title = "Scolecodonts from the Upper Danian (Paleocene) of Skane, Sweden",
abstract = "Jaws of fossil marine polychaete annelids, scolecodonts, from Sweden have chiefly been reported from Silurian strata. The specimens described in this paper come from Upper Danian (Paleocene) strata of the Limhamn quarry in Skane (Scania), the southernmost province of Sweden. The jaws are assigned to the Recent genera Glycera and Drilonereis, but their state of preservation did not allow species identification. The low diversity fauna is almost exclusively composed of Glycera sp. It differs conspicuously in taxonomical composition from Palaeozoic assemblages and exhibits close affinity to other Mesozoic and Cenozoic faunas as well as and modern ones.",
keywords = "Skane, Paleocene, Danian, Drilonereis, Glycera, polychaetes, scolecodonts, Sweden",
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