Screening of stationary phase selectivities for global lipid profiling by ultrahigh performance supercritical fluid chromatography

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The performance of seven sub-2-μm particle packed columns (2-picolylamine, 2-PIC; charged surface hybrid fluoro-phenyl, CSH-FP; high strength silica C18 SB, HSS-C18; diethylamine, DEA; 1-aminoanthracene, 1-AA; high density diol and ethylene bridged hybrid; BEH) was examined for lipid separation in ultra-high performance supercritical fluid chromatography (UHPSFC) coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Based on the results of the column screening a method for profiling of multiple lipid species from the major lipid classes was developed. Stationary phases containing β-hydroxy amines, i.e. 1-AA, DEA and 2-PIC, yielded strong retention and poor peak shapes of zwitterionic lipids with primary amine groups, such as phosphatidylserines, phosphatidylethanolamines and its lyso forms. The BEH and HSS-C18 columns showed strong retention of polar and nonpolar lipids, respectively. The Diol column retained the majority of major lipid classes and also produced symmetric peaks. In addition, this column also produced the highest resolution within and between major lipid classes. An injection solvent composed of methanol:chloroform (1:2, v:v) and the addition of 20 mM ammonium formate in the mobile phase improved chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry detection in comparison to ammonium acetate or absence of additive. Finally, chromatographic and mass spectrometric parameters were optimized for the Diol column using a design of experiments approach. The separation mechanism on the Diol column depended on the lipid functionality and the length and degree of unsaturation of the acyl groups. The developed method could resolve 18 lipid classes and multiple lipids within each class, from blood serum and brain tissue in 11 min.


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TidskriftJournal of Chromatography A
StatusPublished - 2018 maj 4
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