Search for supersymmetric particles in events with lepton pairs and large missing transverse momentum in root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS experiment

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title = "Search for supersymmetric particles in events with lepton pairs and large missing transverse momentum in root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS experiment",
abstract = "Results are presented of searches for the production of supersymmetric particles decaying into final states with missing transverse momentum and exactly two isolated leptons in root s = 7 TeV proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. Search strategies requiring lepton pairs with identical-sign or opposite-sign electric charges are described. In a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35 pb(-1) collected with the ATLAS detector, no significant excesses are observed. Based on specific benchmark models, limits are placed on the squark mass between 450 and 690 GeV for squarks approximately degenerate in mass with gluinos, depending on the supersymmetric mass hierarchy considered.",
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Hrivnac and I. Hruska and T. Hryn'ova and Hsu, {P. J.} and Hsu, {S. -C.} and Huang, {G. S.} and Z. Hubacek and F. Hubaut and F. Huegging and Huffman, {T. B.} and Hughes, {E. W.} and G. Hughes and Hughes-Jones, {R. E.} and M. Huhtinen and P. Hurst and M. Hurwitz and U. Husemann and N. Huseynov and J. Huston and J. Huth and G. Iacobucci and G. Iakovidis and M. Ibbotson and I. Ibragimov and R. Ichimiya and L. Iconomidou-Fayard and J. Idarraga and M. Idzik and P. Iengo and O. Igonkina and Y. Ikegami and M. Ikeno and Y. Ilchenko and D. Iliadis and D. Imbault and M. Imhaeuser and M. Imori and T. Ince and J. Inigo-Golfin and P. Ioannou and M. Iodice and G. Ionescu and {Irles Quiles}, A. and K. Ishii and A. Ishikawa and M. Ishino and R. Ishmukhametov and C. Issever and S. Istin and Y. Itoh and Ivashin, {A. V.} and W. Iwanski and H. Iwasaki and Izen, {J. M.} and V. Izzo and B. Jackson and Jackson, {J. N.} and P. Jackson and Jaekel, {M. R.} and V. Jain and K. Jakobs and S. Jakobsen and J. Jakubek and Jana, {D. K.} and E. Jankowski and E. Jansen and A. Jantsch and M. Janus and G{\"o}ran Jarlskog and L. Jeanty and K. Jelen and {Jen-La Plante}, I. and P. Jenni and A. Jeremie and P. Jez and S. Jezequel and Jha, {M. K.} and H. Ji and W. Ji and J. Jia and Y. Jiang and Belenguer, {M. Jimenez} and G. Jin and S. Jin and O. Jinnouchi and Joergensen, {M. D.} and D. Joffe and Johansen, {L. G.} and M. Johansen and Johansson, {K. E.} and P. Johansson and S. Johnert and Johns, {K. A.} and K. Jon-And and G. Jones and Jones, {R. W. L.} and Jones, {T. W.} and Jones, {T. J.} and O. Jonsson and C. Joram and Jorge, {P. M.} and J. Joseph and X. Ju and V. Juranek and P. Jussel and Kabachenko, {V. V.} and S. Kabana and M. Kaci and A. Kaczmarska and P. Kadlecik and M. Kado and H. Kagan and M. Kagan and S. Kaiser and E. Kajomovitz and S. Kalinin and Kalinovskaya, {L. V.} and S. Kama and N. Kanaya and M. Kaneda and T. Kanno and Kantserov, {V. A.} and J. Kanzaki and B. Kaplan and A. Kapliy and J. Kaplon and D. Kar and M. Karagoz and M. Karnevskiy and K. Karr and V. Kartvelishvili and Karyukhin, {A. N.} and L. Kashif and A. Kasmi and Kass, {R. D.} and A. Kastanas and M. Kataoka and Y. Kataoka and E. Katsoufis and J. Katzy and V. Kaushik and K. Kawagoe and T. Kawamoto and G. Kawamura and Kayl, {M. S.} and Kazanin, {V. A.} and Kazarinov, {M. Y.} and Kazi, {S. I.} and Keates, {J. R.} and R. Keeler and R. Kehoe and M. Keil and Kekelidze, {G. D.} and M. Kelly and J. Kennedy and Kenney, {C. J.} and M. Kenyon and O. Kepka and N. Kerschen and Kersevan, {B. P.} and S. Kersten and K. Kessoku and C. Ketterer and M. Khakzad and F. Khalil-zada and H. Khandanyan and A. Khanov and D. Kharchenko and A. Khodinov and Kholodenko, {A. G.} and A. Khomich and Khoo, {T. J.} and G. Khoriauli and N. Khovanskiy and V. Khovanskiy and E. Khramov and J. Khubua and G. Kilvington and H. Kim and Kim, {M. S.} and Kim, {P. C.} and Kim, {S. H.} and N. Kimura and O. Kind and King, {B. T.} and M. King and King, {R. S. B.} and J. Kirk and Kirsch, {G. P.} and Kirsch, {L. E.} and Kiryunin, {A. E.} and D. Kisielewska and T. Kittelmann and Kiver, {A. M.} and H. Kiyamura and E. Kladiva and J. Klaiber-Lodewigs and M. Klein and U. Klein and K. Kleinknecht and M. Klemetti and A. Klier and A. Klimentov and R. Klingenberg and Klinkby, {E. B.} and T. Klioutchnikova and Klok, {P. F.} and S. Klous and Kluge, {E. -E.} and T. Kluge and P. Kluit and S. Kluth and E. Kneringer and J. Knobloch and Knoops, {E. B. F. G.} and A. Knue and Ko, {B. R.} and T. Kobayashi and M. Kobel and B. Koblitz and M. Kocian and A. Kocnar and P. Kodys and K. Koeneke and Konig, {A. C.} and S. Koenig and L. Koepke and F. Koetsveld and P. Koevesarki and T. Koffas and E. Koffeman and F. Kohn and Z. Kohout and T. Kohriki and T. Koi and T. Kokott and Kolachev, {G. M.} and H. Kolanoski and V. Kolesnikov and I. Koletsou and J. Koll and D. Kollar and M. Kollefrath and Kolya, {S. D.} and Komar, {A. A.} and Komaragiri, {J. R.} and T. Kondo and T. Kono and Kononov, {A. I.} and R. Konoplich and N. Konstantinidis and A. Kootz and S. Koperny and Kopikov, {S. V.} and K. Korcyl and K. Kordas and V. Koreshev and A. Korn and A. Korol and I. Korolkov and Korolkova, {E. V.} and Korotkov, {V. A.} and O. Kortner and S. Kortner and Kostyukhin, {V. V.} and Kotamaeki, {M. J.} and S. Kotov and Kotov, {V. M.} and C. Kourkoumelis and V. Kouskoura and A. Koutsman and R. Kowalewski and H. Kowalski and Kowalski, {T. Z.} and W. Kozanecki and Kozhin, {A. S.} and V. Kral and Kramarenko, {V. A.} and G. Kramberger and O. Krasel and Krasny, {M. W.} and A. Krasznahorkay and J. Kraus and A. Kreisel and F. Krejci and J. Kretzschmar and N. Krieger and P. Krieger and K. Kroeninger and H. Kroha and J. Kroll and J. Kroseberg and J. Krstic and U. Kruchonak and H. Krueger and Krumshteyn, {Z. V.} and A. Kruth and T. Kubota and S. Kuehn and A. Kugel and T. Kuhl and D. Kuhn and V. Kukhtin and Y. Kulchitsky and S. Kuleshov and C. Kummer and M. Kuna and N. Kundu and J. Kunkle and A. Kupco and H. Kurashige and M. Kurata and Kurochkin, {Y. A.} and V. Kus and W. Kuykendall and M. Kuze and P. Kuzhir and O. Kvasnicka and J. Kvita and R. Kwee and {La Rosa}, A. and {La Rotonda}, L. and L. Labarga and J. Labbe and S. Lablak and C. Lacasta and F. Lacava and H. Lacker and D. Lacour and Lacuesta, {V. R.} and E. Ladygin and R. Lafaye and B. Laforge and T. Lagouri and S. Lai and E. Laisne and M. Lamanna and Lampen, {C. L.} and W. Lampl and E. Lancon and U. Landgraf and Landon, {M. P. J.} and H. Landsman and Lane, {J. L.} and C. Lange and Lankford, {A. J.} and F. Lanni and K. Lantzsch and Lapin, {V. V.} and S. Laplace and C. Lapoire and Laporte, {J. F.} and T. Lari and Larionov, {A. V.} and A. Larner and C. Lasseur and M. Lassnig and W. Lau and P. Laurelli and A. Lavorato and W. Lavrijsen and P. Laycock and Lazarev, {A. B.} and A. Lazzaro and {Le Dortz}, O. and {Le Guirriec}, E. and {Le Maner}, C. and {Le Menedeu}, E. and A. Lebedev and C. Lebel and T. LeCompte and F. Ledroit-Guillon and H. Lee and Lee, {J. S. H.} and Lee, {S. C.} and L. Lee and M. Lefebvre and M. Legendre and A. Leger and LeGeyt, {B. C.} and F. Legger and C. Leggett and M. Lehmacher and Miotto, {G. Lehmann} and X. Lei and Leite, {M. A. L.} and R. Leitner and D. Lellouch and J. Lellouch and M. Leltchouk and V. Lendermann and Leney, {K. J. C.} and T. Lenz and G. Lenzen and B. Lenzi and K. Leonhardt and S. Leontsinis and C. Leroy and Lessard, {J. -R.} and J. Lesser and Lester, {C. G.} and Cheong, {A. Leung Fook} and J. Leveque and D. Levin and Levinson, {L. J.} and Levitski, {M. S.} and M. Lewandowska and Lewis, {G. H.} and M. Leyton and B. Li and H. Li and S. Li and X. Li and Z. Liang and Z. Liang and B. Liberti and P. Lichard and M. Lichtnecker and K. Lie and W. Liebig and R. Lifshitz and Lilley, {J. N.} and C. Limbach and A. Limosani and M. Limper and Lin, {S. C.} and F. Linde and Linnemann, {J. T.} and E. Lipeles and L. Lipinsky and A. Lipniacka and Liss, {T. M.} and D. Lissauer and A. Lister and Litke, {A. M.} and C. Liu and D. Liu and H. Liu and Liu, {J. B.} and M. Liu and S. Liu and Y. Liu and M. Livan and Livermore, {S. S. A.} and A. Lleres and Lloyd, {S. L.} and E. Lobodzinska and P. Loch and Lockman, {W. S.} and S. Lockwitz and T. Loddenkoetter and Loebinger, {F. K.} and A. Loginov and Loh, {C. W.} and T. Lohse and K. Lohwasser and M. Lokajicek and J. Loken and Lombardo, {V. P.} and Long, {R. E.} and L. Lopes and Mateos, {D. Lopez} and M. Losada and P. Loscutoff and {Lo Sterzo}, F. and Losty, {M. J.} and X. Lou and A. Lounis and Loureiro, {K. F.} and J. Love and Love, {P. A.} and Lowe, {A. J.} and F. Lu and L. Lu and Lubatti, {H. J.} and C. Luci and A. Lucotte and A. Ludwig and D. Ludwig and I. Ludwig and J. Ludwig and F. Luehring and G. Luijckx and D. Lumb and L. Luminari and E. Lund and B. Lund-Jensen and Bj{\"o}rn Lundberg and J. Lundberg and J. Lundquist and M. Lungwitz and A. Lupi and G. Lutz and D. Lynn and J. Lys and Else Lytken and H. Ma and Ma, {L. L.} and Goia, {J. A. Macana} and G. Maccarrone and A. Macchiolo and B. Macek and Miguens, {J. Machado} and D. Macina and R. Mackeprang and Madaras, {R. J.} and Mader, {W. F.} and R. Maenner and T. Maeno and P. Maettig and S. Maettig and Martins, {P. J. Magalhaes} and L. Magnoni and E. Magradze and Y. Mahalalel and K. Mahboubi and G. Mahout and C. Maiani and C. Maidantchik and A. Maio and S. Majewski and Y. Makida and N. Makovec and P. Mal and Pa. Malecki and P. Malecki and Maleev, {V. P.} and F. Malek and U. Mallik and D. Malon and S. Maltezos and V. Malyshev and S. Malyukov and R. Mameghani and J. Mamuzic and A. Manabe and L. Mandelli and I. Mandic and R. Mandrysch and J. Maneira and Mangeard, {P. S.} and Manjavidze, {I. D.} and A. Mann and Manning, {P. M.} and A. Manousakis-Katsikakis and B. Mansoulie and A. Manz and A. Mapelli and L. Mapelli and L. March and Marchand, {J. F.} and F. Marchese and G. Marchiori and M. Marcisovsky and A. Marin and Marino, {C. P.} and F. Marroquim and R. Marshall and Z. Marshall and Martens, {F. K.} and S. Marti-Garcia and Martin, {A. J.} and B. Martin and B. Martin and Martin, {F. F.} and Martin, {J. P.} and Ph. Martin and Martin, {T. A.} and Latour, {B. Martin dit} and M. Martinez and Outschoorn, {V. Martinez} and Martyniuk, {A. C.} and M. Marx and F. Marzano and A. Marzin and L. Masetti and T. Mashimo and R. Mashinistov and J. Masik and Maslennikov, {A. L.} and M. Mass and I. Massa and G. Massaro and N. Massol and A. Mastroberardino and T. Masubuchi and M. Mathes and P. Matricon and H. Matsumoto and H. Matsunaga and T. Matsushita and C. Mattravers and Maugain, {J. M.} and Maxfield, {S. J.} and Maximov, {D. A.} and May, {E. N.} and A. Mayne and R. Mazini and M. Mazur and M. Mazzanti and E. Mazzoni and {Mc Kee}, {S. P.} and A. McCarn and McCarthy, {R. L.} and McCarthy, {T. G.} and McCubbin, {N. A.} and McFarlane, {K. W.} and Mcfayden, {J. A.} and H. McGlone and G. Mchedlidze and McLaren, {R. A.} and T. Mclaughlan and McMahon, {S. J.} and McPherson, {R. A.} and A. Meade and J. Mechnich and M. Mechtel and M. Medinnis and R. Meera-Lebbai and T. Meguro and R. Mehdiyev and S. Mehlhase and A. Mehta and K. Meier and J. Meinhardt and Bernhard Meirose and C. Melachrinos and MelladoGarcia, {B. R.} and {Mendoza Navas}, L. and Z. Meng and A. Mengarelli and S. Menke and C. Menot and E. Meoni and Mercurio, {K. M.} and P. Mermod and L. Merola and C. Meroni and Merritt, {F. S.} and A. Messina and J. Metcalfe and Mete, {A. S.} and S. Meuser and C. Meyer and Meyer, {J. -P.} and J. Meyer and J. Meyer and Meyer, {T. C.} and Meyer, {W. T.} and J. Miao and S. Michal and L. Micu and Middleton, {R. P.} and P. Miele and S. Migas and L. Mijovic and G. Mikenberg and M. Mikestikova and B. Mikulec and M. Mikuz and Miller, {D. W.} and Miller, {R. J.} and Mills, {W. J.} and C. Mills and A. Milov and Milstead, {D. A.} and D. Milstein and Minaenko, {A. A.} and M. Minano and Minashvili, {I. A.} and Mincer, {A. I.} and B. Mindur and M. Mineev and Y. Ming and Mir, {L. M.} and G. Mirabelli and {Miralles Verge}, L. and A. Misiejuk and J. Mitrevski and Mitrofanov, {G. Y.} and Mitsou, {V. A.} and S. Mitsui and Miyagawa, {P. S.} and K. Miyazaki and Ulf Mj{\"o}rnmark and T. Moa and P. Mockett and S. Moed and V. Moeller and K. Moenig and N. Moeser and S. Mohapatra and B. Mohn and W. Mohr and S. Mohrdieck-Moeck and Moisseev, {A. M.} and R. Moles-Valls and J. Molina-Perez and L. Moneta and J. Monk and E. Monnier and S. Montesano and F. Monticelli and S. Monzani and Moore, {R. W.} and Moorhead, {G. F.} and Herrera, {C. Mora} and A. Moraes and A. Morais and N. Morange and G. Morello and D. Moreno and {Moreno Llacer}, M. and P. Morettini and M. Morii and J. Morin and Y. Morita and Morley, {A. K.} and G. Mornacchi and Morone, {M. -C.} and Morozov, {S. V.} and Morris, {J. D.} and Moser, {H. G.} and M. Mosidze and J. Moss and R. Mount and E. Mountricha and Mouraviev, {S. V.} and Moyse, {E. J. W.} and M. Mudrinic and F. Mueller and J. Mueller and K. Mueller and Mueller, {T. A.} and D. Muenstermann and A. Muijs and A. Muir and Y. Munwes and K. Murakami and Murray, {W. J.} and I. Mussche and E. Musto and Myagkov, {A. G.} and M. Myska and J. Nadal and K. Nagai and K. Nagano and Y. Nagasaka and Nairz, {A. M.} and Y. Nakahama and K. Nakamura and I. Nakano and G. Nanava and A. Napier and M. Nash and Nation, {N. R.} and T. Nattermann and T. Naumann and G. Navarro and Neal, {H. A.} and E. Nebot and Nechaeva, {P. Yu.} and A. Negri and G. Negri and S. Nektarijevic and A. Nelson and S. Nelson and Nelson, {T. K.} and S. Nemecek and P. Nemethy and Nepomuceno, {A. A.} and M. Nessi and Nesterov, {S. Y.} and Neubauer, {M. S.} and A. Neusiedl and Neves, {R. M.} and P. Nevski and Newman, {P. R.} and Nickerson, {R. B.} and R. Nicolaidou and L. Nicolas and B. Nicquevert and F. Niedercorn and J. Nielsen and T. Niinikoski and A. Nikiforov and V. Nikolaenko and K. Nikolaev and I. Nikolic-Audit and K. Nikolopoulos and H. Nilsen and P. Nilsson and Y. Ninomiya and A. Nisati and T. Nishiyama and R. Nisius and L. Nodulman and M. Nomachi and I. Nomidis and H. Nomoto and M. Nordberg and B. Nordkvist and Norton, {P. R.} and J. Novakova and M. Nozaki and M. Nozicka and L. Nozka and Nugent, {I. M.} and Nuncio-Quiroz, {A. -E.} and Hanninger, {G. Nunes} and T. Nunnemann and E. Nurse and T. Nyman and O'Brien, {B. J.} and O'Neale, {S. W.} and O'Neil, {D. C.} and V. O'Shea and Oakham, {F. G.} and H. Oberlack and J. Ocariz and A. Ochi and S. Oda and S. Odaka and J. Odier and H. Ogren and A. Oh and Oh, {S. H.} and Ohm, {C. C.} and T. Ohshima and H. Ohshita and Ohska, {T. K.} and T. Ohsugi and S. Okada and H. Okawa and Y. Okumura and T. Okuyama and M. Olcese and Olchevski, {A. G.} and M. Oliveira and Damazio, {D. Oliveira} and {Oliver Garcia}, E. and D. Olivito and A. Olszewski and J. Olszowska and C. Omachi and A. Onofre and Onyisi, {P. U. E.} and Oram, {C. J.} and Oreglia, {M. J.} and F. Orellana and Y. Oren and D. Orestano and I. Orlov and Barrera, {C. Oropeza} and Orr, {R. S.} and Ortega, {E. O.} and B. Osculati and R. Ospanov and C. Osuna and {Otero y Garzon}, G. and Ottersbach, {J. P.} and M. Ouchrif and F. Ould-Saada and A. Ouraou and Q. Ouyang and M. Owen and S. Owen and Oye, {O. K.} and Ozcan, {V. E.} and N. Ozturk and {Pacheco Pages}, A. and {Padilla Aranda}, C. and E. Paganis and F. Paige and K. Pajchel and S. Palestini and D. Pallin and A. Palma and Palmer, {J. D.} and Pan, {Y. B.} and E. Panagiotopoulou and B. Panes and N. Panikashvili and S. Panitkin and D. Pantea and M. Panuskova and V. Paolone and A. Paoloni and A. Papadelis and Papadopoulou, {Th. D.} and A. Paramonov and W. Park and Parker, {M. A.} and F. Parodi and Parsons, {J. A.} and U. Parzefall and E. Pasqualucci and A. Passeri and F. Pastore and Fr. Pastore and G. Pasztor and S. Pataraia and N. Patel and Pater, {J. R.} and S. Patricelli and T. Pauly and M. Pecsy and Morales, {M. I. Pedraza} and Peleganchuk, {S. V.} and H. Peng and R. Pengo and A. Penson and J. Penwell and M. Perantonia and K. Perez and Cavalcanti, {T. Perez} and {Perez Codina}, E. and Garcia-Estan, {M. T. Perez} and Reale, {V. Perez} and I. Peric and L. Perini and H. Pernegger and R. Perrino and P. Perrodo and S. Persembe and Peshekhonov, {V. D.} and O. Peters and Petersen, {B. A.} and J. Petersen and Petersen, {T. C.} and E. Petit and A. Petridis and C. Petridou and E. Petrolo and F. Petrucci and D. Petschull and M. Petteni and R. Pezoa and A. Phan and Phillips, {A. W.} and Phillips, {P. W.} and G. Piacquadio and E. Piccaro and M. Piccinini and A. Pickford and Piec, {S. M.} and R. Piegaia and Pilcher, {J. E.} and Pilkington, {A. D.} and J. Pina and M. Pinamonti and A. Pinder and Pinfold, {J. L.} and J. Ping and B. Pinto and O. Pirotte and C. Pizio and R. Placakyte and M. Plamondon and Plano, {W. G.} and Pleier, {M. -A.} and Pleskach, {A. V.} and A. Poblaguev and S. Poddar and F. Podlyski and L. Poggioli and T. Poghosyan and M. Pohl and F. Polci and G. Polesello and A. Policicchio and A. Polini and J. Poll and V. Polychronakos and Pomarede, {D. M.} and D. Pomeroy and K. Pommes and L. Pontecorvo and Pope, {B. G.} and Popeneciu, {G. A.} and Popovic, {D. S.} and A. Poppleton and Bueso, {X. Portell} and R. Porter and C. Posch and Pospelov, {G. E.} and S. Pospisil and Potrap, {I. N.} and Potter, {C. J.} and Potter, {C. T.} and G. Poulard and J. Poveda and R. Prabhu and P. Pralavorio and S. Prasad and R. Pravahan and S. Prell and K. Pretzl and L. Pribyl and D. Price and Price, {L. E.} and Price, {M. J.} and Prichard, {P. M.} and D. Prieur and M. Primavera and K. Prokofiev and F. Prokoshin and S. Protopopescu and J. Proudfoot and X. Prudent and H. Przysiezniak and S. Psoroulas and E. Ptacek and J. Purdham and M. Purohit and P. Puzo and Y. Pylypchenko and J. Qian and Z. Qian and Z. 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