Seeing the nomads like a state: Sweden and the sámi at the turn of the last century

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title = "Seeing the nomads like a state: Sweden and the s{\'a}mi at the turn of the last century",
abstract = "In modern history, states have typically attempted to eliminate nomadism. Perhaps uniquely, Sweden reinforced nomadism among some of its S{\'a}mi population. In this chapter, I argue that the reason for this was twofold. First, reindeer herding necessitated nomadism, and it was thought to be the only economic contribution parts of the traditional S{\'a}mi land could provide. Second, a discourse of Borealism romanticized the S{\'a}mi and allowed them to be a contained element of Swedish national identity, rather than a threat to it.",
author = "Martin Hall",
year = "2020",
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