Signs, Senses and Cognition: Lady Welby and Contemporary Semiotics

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title = "Signs, Senses and Cognition: Lady Welby and Contemporary Semiotics",
abstract = "Susan Petrilli discusses Victoria Welby (1837–1912) and the Signific movement in her book Signifying and Understanding. The disposition of the book is chronological and thematic, and Petrilli{\textquoteright}s discussion connects Welby{\textquoteright}s work with contemporary semiotics, as well as with the intellectual and scientific landscape of Welby{\textquoteright}s own time. For instance, a selection of Welby{\textquoteright}s vast correspondence with intellectuals, researchers and philosophers important to linguistics, semiotics, psychology and anthropology, to mention a few of her interests mirrored in the exchange of letters, is included in the book. The review aims at further connecting Welby{\textquoteright}s work to semiotic research of the day, where phenomenological and modern cognitive influences are important.",
keywords = "Victoria Welby, Signific Movement, semiotics, psychology, sign, meaning.",
author = "{Cabak R{\'e}dei}, Anna",
note = "Reviewed Work(s): Signifying and Understanding: Reading the works of Victoria Welby and the Signific Movement (by Susan Petrilli)",
year = "2013",
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