Size selective spectroscopy of Se microclusters

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title = "Size selective spectroscopy of Se microclusters",
abstract = "The electronic structure and photofragmentation in outer and inner valence regions of Se-n (n <= 8) clusters produced by direct vacuum evaporation have been studied with size-selective photoelectron-photoion coincidence technique by using vacuum-ultraviolet synchrotron radiation. The experimental ionization potentials of these clusters were extracted from the partial ion yield measurements. The calculations for the possible geometrical structures of the Se-n microclusters have been executed. The ionization energies of the clusters have been calculated and compared with the experimental results. In addition, theoretical fragment ion appearance energies were estimated. The dissociation energies of Se-n clusters were derived from the recurrent relation between the gas phase enthalpies of the formation of corresponding cationic clusters and experimental ionization energies. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []",
author = "K. Kooser and Ha, {D. T.} and E. Itala and Joakim Laksman and Samuli Urpelainen and E. Kukk",
year = "2012",
doi = "10.1063/1.4737633",
language = "English",
volume = "137",
journal = "Journal of Chemical Physics",
issn = "0021-9606",
publisher = "American Institute of Physics",
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