Size-effects in indium gallium arsenide nanowire field-effect transistors

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title = "Size-effects in indium gallium arsenide nanowire field-effect transistors",
abstract = "We fabricate and analyze InGaAs nanowire MOSFETs with channel widths down to 18 nm. Low-temperature measurements reveal quantized conductance due to subband splitting, a characteristic of 1D systems. We relate these features to device performance at room-temperature. In particular, the threshold voltage versus nanowire width is explained by direct observation of quantization of the first sub-band, i.e., band gap widening. An analytical effective mass quantum well model is able to describe the observed band structure. The results reveal a compromise between reliability, i.e., VT variability, and on-current, through the mean free path, in the choice of the channel material.",
author = "Zota, {Cezar B.} and E. Lind",
year = "2016",
month = aug,
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doi = "10.1063/1.4961109",
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