Spread of smoke and fire gases via the ventilation system.

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title = "Spread of smoke and fire gases via the ventilation system.",
abstract = "This thesis examines the problem of smoke spread via ventilation ducts to adjacent room(s) in case of a compartment fire. The main goal is to examine the possibility of operating the fans during different fires in four types of buildings (compartments, hospitals, offices and hotels) and to estimate the risk of smoke spread in different conditions.",
keywords = "compartment fires, fire flow, fire pressure, fire simulation, smoke spread, ventilation ducts, brandteknik, brand, brandspridning, r{\"o}kspridning, ventilation, ventilationskanaler, ber{\"a}kningsmodeller, datorprogram, simulering, teori",
author = "Polina Gordonova",
year = "1997",
language = "English",
publisher = "Division of Building Science, Lund University",
school = "Division of Building Services",