Steam reforming unit

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A hydrogen generation system is disclosed that includes an integrated steam reforming reactor. The reactor has an overall cylindrical shape, receives a reformate and separately receiving a combustion gas mixture. The reactor includes a plurality of reforming stages arranged in a stacked series of disc shaped stage configuration, wherein each reforming stage has a disc shaped combustion portion adjacent a disc shaped catalyst pack through which the reformate passes, wherein the reformate is directed axially between stages and radially within each stage; and the combustion mixture is directed radially between groups of stages and circumferentially within each stage.


  • Richard Woods (uppfinnare)
  • Brook Porter (uppfinnare)
  • Kandaswamy Duraiswamy (uppfinnare)
  • Christian Hulteberg (uppfinnare)
  • Leonard Weschta (uppfinnare)
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PatentnummerUS8551197 B2
StatusPublished - 2013
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