Strain Rate Effects on Tensile and Compression Behavior of Nano-crystalline Nanoporous Gold: A Molecular Dynamic Study

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In this study the strain rate effects on the tensile and compressive properties of nano-crystalline nanoporous gold (nc-NPAu) are investigated by performing molecular dynamics simulations. In order to examine the role of strain rate,
atomistic models of nc-NPAu structures with three different grain size are generated through a novel modeling technique based on the Voronoi tessellation method. Additionally an adaptive common neighbor analysis (aCNA) is
carried out to observe the evolution of the crystal structure. In this way the deformation mechanisms of nc-NPAu atomistic models are thoroughly investigated. The findings point out that such mechanical properties as toughness, ultimate and yield strengths grow at increasing strain rates for both tensile and compressive loadings. The elastic moduli of nc-NPAu atomic models have exhibited insignificant changes for different strain rates. Moreover this study
shows that the deformation mechanism is not only a combination of dislocation movements, grain rotations, and grain
boundary sliding but also additional grain travelling.


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  • Istanbul Technical University

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TidskriftMechanics of Materials
Tidigt onlinedatum2020 jan 23
StatusPublished - 2020
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