Structure of N≥126 Nuclei Produced in Fragmentation of 238U

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title = "Structure of N≥126 Nuclei Produced in Fragmentation of 238U",
abstract = "The nuclear structure of neutron-rich N≥126 nuclei have been investigated following their production via relativistic projectile fragmentation of a E/A=l GeV 238U beam on a Be target. The cocktail of secondary beam products were separated and identified using the GSI FRagment Separator (FRS). The nuclei of interest were implanted in a high-granularity active stopper detector set-up consisting of 6 double sided silicon strip detectors. The associated gamma-ray transitions were detected with the RISING array, consisting of 15 Euroball cluster Ge-detectors. Time-correlated gamma decays from individually identified nuclear species have been recorded, allowing the clean identification of isomeric decays.",
keywords = "Metastable states and fragmentation, Nuclear structure",
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