Supporting students with neurodevelopment disorders in school health care—school nurses’ experiences

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title = "Supporting students with neurodevelopment disorders in school health care—school nurses{\textquoteright} experiences",
abstract = "Students with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) are present in every school, and most likely, there are a few students in every class. School health care is responsible for providing support to all students, especially those with special needs. The aim of the study was to describe school nurses{\textquoteright} experiences of supporting students with NDDs. A qualitative method consisting of seven focus group interviews (that included a total of 35 school nurses) in Southern Sweden was conducted. Three themes were identified in the findings: helping students with NDDs to interpret sensations, detecting early signs of distress among students with NDDs, and using an inclusive design for health education. This study highlights the importance of school nurses in identifying the needs of students with NDDs and promotes a person-centered approach to achieve a healthy and safe learning environment for all students.",
keywords = "Adolescents, Children, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Pain, School health care, School nurses, Stress",
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