Svenska Bibelsällskapets provöversättning i ett internationellt perspektiv

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This article examines the Swedish test translation of Luke9:51–19:28 and Galatians, which was published by the Swedish Bible Society in2015. It analyzes how and to what extent the translators apply the fundamentaltranslation principle (moderate formal equivalence) and the six translationdirectives (on concordance, figures of speech, rhythm, modern language,gender-inclusive language, and faithfulness towards cultural differences) setforth by the Bible Society. It also compares the translation with a currentinternational discussion on Bible translation. Although the directives areoften ill-defined and too brief, the translators generally follow them satisfactorily.They could, however, have gone further in their application of concordance andgender-inclusive language. The translation directive on rhythm is especiallydifficult to implement, since it is incomprehensible without a broaderdiscussion on sound quality, repetition, rhythm, and style and how these interactto convey the meaning of ancient texts, which were regularly composed for oraldelivery.

The Swedish BibleSociety has made a bold decision—and one that is warranted by conclusions drawnfrom an international discussion on Bible translation—in aiming for a moderatefunctional equivalent translation which employs gender-inclusive language of abasic type (when the meaning of the source text in clearly gender-inclusive,even if it is expressed with gender-specific language). Much remains to be donein terms of explaining why and how the next major Swedish Bible translationshould have these characteristics, yet from the reasoning in this article thedecision is both timely and accurate.


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StatusPublished - 2015
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