Testing and Validation of TEKNOsim: A Building Energy Simulation Program.

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title = "Testing and Validation of TEKNOsim: A Building Energy Simulation Program.",
abstract = "TEKNOsim is a well-established software tool for simulation of thermal indoor climate. It is used for modelling and simulation of thermal loads, indoor temperatures and thermal comfort. TEKNOsim 5, a new version of the simulation tool has been launched with several new features and enhanced functionalities. This paper presents results of testing and validation of TEKNOsim 5 against two state-of-the-art building energy simulation tools, IDA-ICE and DesignBuilder. Comparisons with the reference tools have been made for a number of test cases. Simulation results indicate that, for realistic scenarios, there exists a very close agreement between TEKNOsim and the reference tools. The largest discrepancies between the simulation tools are observed for unrealistic scenarios. Besides this, the observed trends in discrepancies between the tools also suggest that the algorithms used in TEKNOsim 5 are correct.",
keywords = "Validation; TEKNOsim; DesignBuilder; IDA-ICE; Thermal powers",
author = "Saqib Javed and Roman Lechner and Jan Behrens",
year = "2016",
language = "English",
booktitle = "Proceedings of the 12th REHVA World Congress (Clima 2016)",
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