The Context of Paratext: A Bibliometric Study of the Citation Contexts of Gérard Genette’s Texts

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title = "The Context of Paratext: A Bibliometric Study of the Citation Contexts of G{\'e}rard Genette’s Texts",
abstract = "Based on two sets of data consisting of research articles from Web of Science, analyses were made on articles citing Genette and articles using the paratext concept. The purpose was to investigate the context in which the paratext concept is used and Genette is cited by analyzing the journals and research fields in which the articles were published, the literature these articles are based on, and the terminology used in the articles. This chapter presents the results, which show both close connections and similarities in citation patterns, namely, to literature studies and to the humanities in general. It is also possible to see signs of an increased interest in digital media and a widening of cultural expressions studied within the realm of the humanities, such as computer games, while Genette and paratextual theories are used to a much lesser extent in the social sciences. In addition to the empirical study, the relation between paratext studies and bibliometrics is briefly discussed.",
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