The Negotiation of Collective Identities in German Cinema after Unification

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title = "The Negotiation of Collective Identities in German Cinema after Unification",
abstract = "This article analyses the negotiation of German identities in two films of the ‘newer German cinema’: Sonnenallee/Sun Alley (Haussmann 1999) and Schultze gets the blues (Schorr 2003). It argues that the former represents a defiant stance towards a dominant West German narrative which devalorizes the lived experiences of former GDR citizens. As a consequence, east and west are consolidated as relevant categories of identification. In contrast, the article argues that Schultze gets the blues represents a post-national tendency in newer German cinema, which dissolves the east-west axis and instead foregrounds regional and post-national identities.",
keywords = "nostalgia, post-communism, German film, GDR, unification, post-national",
author = "{Bechmann Pedersen}, Sune",
year = "2012",
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