The Power of Norms: A Case Study in Search of a Fossile Free Society

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title = "The Power of Norms: A Case Study in Search of a Fossile Free Society",
abstract = "In his excellent book Normvetenskap (Norm Science), has initiated an interesting discussion on strategic normative thinking (SNT). This article presents a case study trying to verify, falsify or, if possible, shed light upon aspects upon SNT. The unit of analysis for the study is the concept of norms and the operational set of measures relates to research on norms. The analysis of the case show´s how Hyd{\'e}n´s norm model can be used as an instrument to discover and sort information on norms as power sources and power-plocks in governance of human actions and decisisons. Reduction of exxects from power-blocks existing in the current composition of the normative landscape requires knowledge on crucial components of cognition, volition and system conditions in the evolution of norms in society. An analysis of the normative landscape by help from those factors helps understanding where the heaviest power-blocks are located and how their effects can be reduced.",
keywords = "norms, norm model, power of norms, strategic normative thinking, fossil-free society, empowerment",
author = "Staffan Michelson",
year = "2018",
language = "English",
isbn = "978-91-544-0575-6",
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