The reconfiguration of Swedish nationalism after the Syrian refugee ’crisis’

Forskningsoutput: Bidrag till övrig tidskrift/dags- eller nyhetstidningArtikel i facktidskrift eller populärpress


The “nativisation” of welfare provision implicitly accepts the SD’s redefinition of refugees as undeserving others and gives credence to its chauvinistic welfare policies. Not only does the restriction of entitlements to non-native Swedes effectively constitute a symbolic bordering practice that circumscribes a restrictive and nativistic understanding of national identity, where solidarity is reserved, not for the needy, but for the ‘true Swedes’, but also it is represented as ‘not quite enough’ by the SD who are intent to capitalize from the transformation of a symbolic binary us v them logic to an antagonism over scarce resources.


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  • Statsvetenskap (exklusive studier av offentlig förvaltning och globaliseringsstudier)


Tidskrift/dags-eller nyhetstidningNya former av nationalism
FörlagGoethe Institut Schweden
StatusPublished - 2018 apr