The SAGA so far: Reading the history of the Galaxy with asteroseismology

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title = "The SAGA so far: Reading the history of the Galaxy with asteroseismology",
abstract = "Asteroseismology has the capability of delivering stellar properties which would otherwise be inaccessible, such as radii, masses and thus ages of stars. When this information is coupled with classical determinations of stellar parameters, such as metallicities, effective temperatures and angular diameters, powerful new diagnostics for stellar and Galactic studies can be obtained. The ongoing Str{\"o}mgren survey for Asteroseismology and Galactic Archaeology (SAGA) is pursuing such a goal, by determining photometric stellar parameters for stars with seismic oscillations measured by the Kepler satellite. As the survey continues and expands in sample size, SAGA will provide an unprecedented opportunity to constrain theories of the evolution of the Milky Way disc.",
author = "Luca Casagrande and Aguirre, {Victor Silva} and Serenelli, {Aldo M.} and Dennis Stello and Sofia Feltzing and Schlesinger, {Katharine J.}",
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