The stereotype of women in Yemeni Folk Literature

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title = "The stereotype of women in Yemeni Folk Literature",
abstract = "Although folk culture in Yemen is characterised by respect for women and their role in society, folktales contain stereotypical patterns that are not very different from the negative portrayals of women in other media. Folktales in Yemen create a negative image of women, but this image is hidden under the aesthetic aspect, as cultural patterns embedded in the consolidation of this negative image. They typically show women as treacherous, deceptive, garrulous, curious, and jealous. At the same time, these folktales present a positive image of men as dignified, courageous, intelligent, and patient, and if he has done evil, he does so because of a woman.The most dangerous aspect of these stereotypes is that it lies within folk literature, which means that it is an essential part of Yemeni society's awareness, reflected in the image of women in society today.",
author = "{Saleh Ali Almahfali}, Mohammed",
year = "2018",
month = "10",
language = "English",
pages = "15",
note = "The International Forum for Cultural Heritage : Folk Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies ; Conference date: 23-10-2017 Through 25-10-2018",